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Meet the Artist

I embed myself in painting, which acts as a therapeutic output for me to feel calm and collected.


I fell in love with Neuroscience at a young age. I was fascinated by genetics and the way the brain worked. However, art caught my attention. I wanted to learn better ways to communicate through images. In the past I taught young children at Chastain Art Center throughout high school and even curated a student showcase my senior year.

I went on to graduate from Birmingham-Southern College with a Fine Arts Degree and a focus in abstract expressionism and painting. With further studies in digital photography, art history, and printmaking.

My latest series has been focusing on my life as an Atlas, and featured works with coffee as part of a partnership with local coffee shops.


Today, you can find my work in

Greenville, SC

Inchoate Art Gallery 

Modern Village Gallery

Westside Market Greenville

Atlanta, GA

Westside Market Roswell

Westside Market Toco Hiils

Westside Market Midtown

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