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Meet the Artist

Take direction without reason. Enter spaces with closed boarders. Imagine filling a room with a mind. Neurons fire, sending one signal and another. Memories separated into carefully kept pockets. Simplistic linework turn out to be tunnels of for communication to travel. Dimension showing the age of memories. The way one may view the interior of a brain, is to enter the space. In this room, is simply, the creation of an artist’s brain comes alive. Step in, take in the view.


I embed myself in painting, which acts as a therapeutic output for me to feel calm and collected.


I fell in love with Neuroscience at a young age. I was fascinated by genetics and the way the brain worked. However, art caught my attention. I wanted to learn better ways to communicate through images.

I went on to graduate from Birmingham-Southern College with a Fine Arts Degree and a focus in abstract expressionism and painting. With further studies in digital photography, art history, and printmaking.

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